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We believe that Forma (“shape” in Italian) is not limited to shaping your body. Take Shape encompasses the full spectrum of movement, nutrition, recovery and wellness, and is curated by our team to help support, motivate and inspire you to achieve the ultimate balance that we all desire.

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Building Your Booty: Part 2

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Darlene L

Darlene L
Darlene began her fitness career as a Health Coach specializing in weight loss and soon discovered a passion for powerlifting. To date, she has competed in 8 bodybuilding competitions and continues to compete in strength competitions. She loves empowering people, and is equally passionate about working with beginners and coaching bodybuilding competitors. She works with beginners on foundational movement patterns, building confidence and getting rid of the intimidation they may feel as they get comfortable in the weight room. Some of her clients came to her being new to exercise and are now being coached to compete in Bikini and Figure Division bodybuilding competitions!

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Building Your Booty: Part 2

When building a booty, it’s all about creating shape. Of course, we work with what our genetics...
Darlene L December 23, 2018

4 Exercises to Start Building Your Booty

New to the gym? Want to build a booty? Not sure where to get started? Does using a barbell...
Darlene L October 31, 2018

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