The Best Mountain Biking Trails in the Bay Area

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Exercising outdoors can give you an automatic mood boost, stimulate creative thinking, and can help you get a better workout than you might if you were indoors.

Mountain biking is a great activity to stay fit, have fun, and enjoy spectacular views—all at the same time. With the weather warming up, there’s no better time to get outside and enjoy the scenery on your bike.

We’ve rounded up the best mountain biking trails in the Bay Area for you to hit.

Palomares Road

Distance: 18 miles

A popular route amongst cyclists, as it’s not too challenging and only has one uphill climb. The ride starts with twisty roads among a pretty backdrop. Once you get past the initial heavy traffic, you’re in for the narrow, uphill portion in a more serene setting. Once you finish the climb, the rest of the ride is a breeze and takes you straight to Bosco’s Bones and Brew for a post ride snack or drink.

Skyline Loop

Distance: 11.1 mile loop

This medium-length road loop in the East Bay offers a mix of scenic views including canyons, bay views, and redwoods. Once you turn onto Canyon Road, there is very little traffic and patches of dense redwoods, making you feel like you’re alone in the woods. As you approach Skyline Blvd, you’ll see open views of the Bay.

Big Basin Loop

Distance: 12.9 mile loop

Take a ride through the forest. This trail loops through various forest roads at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The loop is filled with giant redwoods, Douglas firs, Tanoak and Madrone trees. All the large, beautiful trees provide much needed shade for those summer rides. The trail is wider but provides good climbs and steep descents as well as wondrous views of those giant redwoods.

Mountain Biking as Part of Your Fitness Plan

Bay Area Mountain Biking

Wanting to get in shape for those rides after a long winter? High-intensity interval training is a great way to get you ready for short hill climbs. Interval training two to three days per week will get you prepped for hitting the trails.

Additionally, endurance training is perfect for those rides where you need physical and mental attention. Focus on cardio exercises two to three times a week. Add time to your run, ride, or other cardiovascular activity to increase endurance over time. You’ll need it for those longer outdoor rides.

Mountain biking can be part of your overall fitness plan and a great way to put a fresh spin on exercise. Mountain biking is just one great way to get active outside and reap all those outdoor exercise benefits!

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Sara M

Sara M

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