Build a Better Core with Pilates Reformer Exercises

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Pilates Reformer

Have you tried working out with a Pilates Reformer? Though the machine may look slightly intimidating upon first glance, it was originally designed so that bedridden patients could work out and tone their muscles. Today, it has become a universal tool for all fitness levels to improve their core and total body strength.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The Pilates Reformer isn’t another fad fitness tool. In fact, it’s been around since the early 1900s. Designed by the father of Pilates himself, Joseph Pilates, the reformer consists of a bed-like frame, a movable carriage, headrest and shoulder blocks, a footbar, and straps or ropes for you to hold onto while doing various exercises.

Most of the exercises on the reformer have you lying down or sitting on the carriage. The carriage moves with you as you push or pull against the footbar or straps. Your bodyweight and the resistance of the springs make the carriage easier or more difficult to move.

Who should use it?

The great thing about the Pilates Reformer is that anyone can use it. It provides support for seniors, individuals with physical limitations, injury rehab, and pre- and post-natal women – while also challenging people who are looking for athletic performance enhancement.

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What are the benefits of using a Pilates Reformer?

Using a Pilates Reformer offers similar benefits to that of traditional Pilates exercises. Using the Reformer can help you build a strong core, improve your posture and flexibility, and facilitate a deep mind-body connection.

Stronger Core

Pilates is known for being all about the core. Movements like The Hundred, Scissors, and Teaser focus on core movements to increase abdominal strength. You can do these same movements on the Pilates Reformer, but the springs and pulley offer more resistance than you can get using just your bodyweight as resistance on a mat.

Total Body Workout

Some traditional Pilates movements such as swimming and swan dive incorporate arm and leg movements in addition to the core. On a Pilates Reformer, you’ll push and pull with your arms or legs against the resistance of the springs, giving you a total body workout. You’ll work more than just your core, building strength all over.

More Modifications than Mat Pilates

Doing a workout on the Pilates Reformer means you’re in control of your workout. You can dial it down or kick it up depending on your fitness level and range of motion. The attachments on the reformer can offer more support if you find Mat Pilates to be too difficult, or you can increase the resistance if you want a more challenging workout.

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Pilates Reformer Classes At Forma 

Pilates Reformer classes are a great way to learn how the apparatus works and how to move your body with it. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates reformer classes at our Walnut Creek and San Jose locations, so you can keep learning and improving over time.

We also offer a free Pilates Reformer Consultation for those who want a one-on-one introduction to using it. We’d love to show you the benefits the Pilates Reformer can provide.

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