Maximize your Gym Time with these Workout Routines and Tips

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We can think of so many things you’d rather do than spend all day at the gym. You don't have to clock in hours on a treadmill to get the results you want. After all, no one has time for that! Choosing the right workouts and self-care can help you boost results so you can achieve health, even with your busy lifestyle.

How To Maximize Your Gym Workout Routines

Get It Done

High-intensity workouts maximize your efficiency by boosting your energy and helping you build muscle. Work your hardest for a set amount of time and leave your energy out on the gym floor. Your time and body will see the difference. Tabata training is great for this, giving you all-out bursts of intensity followed by short recovery periods.

Take A Stand

Most of us already sit for a large portion of our day. We sit on the way to work, at our desks, while we’re eating lunch, and then again as we relax in the evening. Avoid sitting while you’re exercising too. You can do the same exercises while standing for a more efficient workout. Standing engages your core and improves your posture, maximizing your workout just by being on two feet. Try standing while doing your sets of bicep curls or lateral raises.

Try Something New

Switch up your regular gym workout routine once in awhile so your muscles get to try new movements. Taking a new class such as TRX or Cycle keeps you from getting bored and helps you strengthen muscles more effectively.

Maximize Your Time Outside of The Gym

You’ll see the best results when you focus on your body even when you aren’t working out. Set yourself up for success by making the most of your time before and after your workout as well.


Eating Well

Eating well

Your body needs fuel to get through its workout. Eating proper nutrients before going to the gym will help keep you energized during your workout. Eating the right nutrients after your workout helps your body recover better.

Drink Up

Without proper hydration, your body can’t perform at its highest level. Water gives you energy, regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. Staying hydrated before, during, and after a workout helps you avoid cramps, dizziness, and fatigue.

Stretch It Out

Stretching protects your mobility and allows you to perform movements better, in and outside of the gym. It can be tempting to shave ten minutes off your workout time by avoiding stretching, but you’ll miss all the benefits. Stretching helps improve your flexibility and your overall performance.

You can maximize your time at the gym and maximize your results with these few simple tricks. Subscribe to our blog for even more tips on fitness and nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle inside and out of the gym. And to see upcoming events at Forma Gym, please visit our Event Calendar.

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Sara M

Sara M

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