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Meditation 101

| May 21, 2018 | No Comments

The more that technology evolves, the more the popularity of meditation seems to increase. We are, after all, animals. That means we need a moment to take a break from facing machines. We need a moment to unplug from the fast-paced world and to connect with our inner pace that gives us a sense of peace.

Meditation 101

While there seems to be various meditation apps out there (more technology!), meditation is rather simple. Here are a few tips to help understand this practice:

- Meditation is about quieting the mind (your mental chatter) and to simply observe what is happening in the moment.

- The easiest way to create this state of mind is by bringing the attention to our breath.

- There is no right or wrong way to do meditation. Often people who are new to meditation wonder this, and that is because we are so used to “doing” something. Meditation is about letting go of the doing and practicing “being” in the moment.

- If you start thinking something during meditation, that is not bad or wrong. You simply notice that happened and you bring yourself back to your breath.

- You don’t need to do it for a long period of time. It’s better if you have a short but consistent daily practice.

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Practice 6-Second Breath Meditation:

Sit up nice and tall so you can feel the spine long. Inhale for 6 seconds, then exhale for 6 seconds, and repeat this for 5 cycles. That is one minute. Begin your daily meditation practice for just 1 minute. During this meditation practice, all you need to do is to intently focus on your breath for a minute, without having any expectations.

Do this for a week, then on week 2, increase the 6-Second Breath Meditation (one minute) to twice daily. On week 3, increase to three times daily. You will begin noticing a space in your awareness and things around you will begin changing only by spending these 3 minutes per day for yourself.



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