5 Benefits of an Outdoor Workout

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Now that warmer weather is here, it's the perfect time to start bringing your training sessions outside, inside and outside of the gym. Here are 5 legit reasons why an outdoor workout is a great idea this summer.

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5 Benefits of an Outdoor Workout

1) An outdoor workout offers an automatic mood boost.

How many of us feel calmer, lighter, and more centered after a trip to a beach or a walk in the woods? It's not just placebo—research shows that being outside invigorates the mind and reduces stress.
So, on those days when you're not feeling great, consider taking your workout outside.

2) An outdoor workout offers a refreshing new spin on exercise.

Sometimes removing yourself from the comforts of the gym forces you to be more creative with your workout. This is a good thing, since it can foster mental flexibility. And since research shows spending time outdoors can stimulate creative thinking, your outdoor workout can turn into a two-for-one deal.

3) More time outside can reduce levels of inflammation in the body.

Systemic inflammation increases your risk of injury and illness, but research shows being outside can be anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. It wouldn't be a stretch to say these benefits can help you hit your workouts harder and recover faster.

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4) Get an extra dose of Vitamin D.

Most of us are Vitamin D deficient, and since this vitamin is essential for everything from bone health to cancer prevention, some sun exposure can be the perfect remedy. Spend some time outside on a daily basis without sunscreen—just don't let yourself burn. After 10 minutes or so of reaping the benefits of the sun, you can throw on some quality sweat-resistant SPF.

5) Being outside can help you ramp up the intensity of your workout.

Playing is how children learn about their world. Somewhere along the way, most adults seem to forget about play. When careers and bills and families come along, it's like we suddenly decide we have to be serious all the time. Exercising outside may be a perfect remedy for that. The novelty of an outdoor workout can make your standard routine more interesting, and more playful, which can help you blast past a plateau and kick things up a notch. How's that for a breath of fresh air?

Have more reasons of your own for loving an outdoor workout?

Sara M

Sara M

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