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We believe that Forma (“shape” in Italian) is not limited to shaping your body. Take Shape encompasses the full spectrum of movement, nutrition, recovery and wellness, and is curated by our team to help support, motivate and inspire you to achieve the ultimate balance that we all desire.

Why You Shouldn't Stretch Before Your Workout - Benefits of Dynamic Warm-Ups

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Five Exercises for Mobility to Help You Move Well

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Is it Better to Work Out in the Morning or at Night?

When you’re trying to get back into a regular exercise routine (or trying to start one for the...
Sara M October 08, 2019
Mind Body

Create a Healthy Lifestyle with Mind Body

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than eating nutritional foods, exercising regularly, drinking...
Sara M September 16, 2019

Meal Prep Tips: Better Nutrition Made Easy

With so many things on our plate, it’s a huge challenge to serve nutritious meals without a little...
Sara M September 02, 2019

Shop Your Local Farmers’ Markets for Heart-Healthy Foods

Buying nutritious foods is just one way you can nurture your bod, and you can find fresh, delicious...
Sara M August 19, 2019

The Benefits of Working with A Fitness Coach

Sometimes flying solo at the gym can only get you so far. You’re putting in the work and making a...
Sara M August 05, 2019

Benefits of Massage

Living a healthy lifestyle often includes eating balanced meals and snacks, getting plenty of rest,...
Sara M July 22, 2019

Build a Better Core with Pilates Reformer Exercises

Pilates Reformer Have you tried working out with a Pilates Reformer? Though the machine may look...
Sara M July 15, 2019
Mind Body

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga is about more than deep breaths and extreme flexibility. In a world where we are...
Sara M June 25, 2019

The Best Mountain Biking Trails in the Bay Area

Exercising outdoors can give you an automatic mood boost, stimulate creative thinking, and can help...
Sara M June 03, 2019

What to Wear for Your First Mud Run

So, you decided to sign up for your first mud run? Mud runs and obstacle course races (OCR) are a...
Sara M May 20, 2019

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