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We believe that Forma (“shape” in Italian) is not limited to shaping your body. Take Shape encompasses the full spectrum of movement, nutrition, recovery and wellness, and is curated by our team to help support, motivate and inspire you to achieve the ultimate balance that we all desire.

Why You Shouldn't Stretch Before Your Workout - Benefits of Dynamic Warm-Ups

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Five Exercises for Mobility to Help You Move Well

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Mind Body

Create a Healthy Lifestyle with Mind Body

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than eating nutritional foods, exercising regularly, drinking...
Sara M September 16, 2019
Mind Body

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga is about more than deep breaths and extreme flexibility. In a world where we are...
Sara M June 25, 2019
Fitness, Mind Body

Improve your Mood with Exercise

How Working Out Affects Your Mood Getting regular exercise doesn’t just help you look better. It...
Sara M March 03, 2019
Mind Body

4 Reasons Not to Make a New Year's Resolution

Every year,  millions of people make a New Year’s resolution in the hopes of changing their life...
Yuki December 29, 2018
Mind Body

5 Reasons to Play Every Day

Playing can be different for different people depending on your personality, preference and...
Yuki August 29, 2018
Mind Body

Meditation 101

The more that technology evolves, the more the popularity of meditation seems to increase. We are,...
Yuki May 21, 2018

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